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If social networks were ice cream flavors, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter would be hopelessly vanilla. But never fear. If your interests are a little less conventional, you can a social network for mustache loversUFO enthusiastsand, yes, even lost zombies.

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A few weeks ago, I wrote up a preview of what we could expect from this new convention, which took place in Piscataway, New Jersey, on June 21—

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Though I don't think it will effect the site much Its from Long Island, NY. Eric S. Fischer, 23, was arraigned in First District Court in Central Islip on Thursday on charges of attempting to disseminate indecent material to a minor, endangering 's welfare and engaging in a criminal sex act.

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It wasn't Fischer's first attempt to lure a girl for sex on the www. Commissioner Richard Dormer said Fischer was arrested in March on rape charges after a year-old told her friend she had met a man on the site and had sex with him. The friend then told her mother, who called Fifth Squad police. The police then arrested Fischer on rape and criminal sex act charges, Dormer said.

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Police are investigating whether Fischer was involved in another teen rape and say the probe could grow larger -- with about two dozen names from across the metropolitan region found on his computer. Detectives from the computer crimes unit created an online profile of a year-old girl Wednesday afternoon, police said, and were soon approached by Fischer, using the screen name "xxmoonmelodyxx. It wasn't long before he engaged the "girl" in a sexually explicit conversation and offered to have sex, police said.

Detectives suggested that they meet at the cemetery, to which he responded, "Cool.

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According to authorities, he then made arrangements to meet her at the Holy Sepulchre Cemetery on Route to have sex. Police say Fischer was arrested a month ago for allegedly raping a year-old girl he met on the same Web site and is under investigation for the rape of another year-old.

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I'm not trying to sound mean or offend anyone, but I really think there should be an age limit on here. What do you think? Aside from making this a paid 'members only' site, it would be nearly impossible to enforce.

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The best thing would be for parents to pay attention to what going on in thier kids lives. How easy is it to open a scroll box and select a year in which you were supposedly born? It would be, like Sebastion said, impossible.

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But still the media is trying to make the site look guilty its the person not the site were they meet that should recieve the blame. How many people are on this site and others like it that come her for honest reasons. There are sickos everywhere I just get tired of the media trying to place blame. I agree with Khay I did not post this to have a discussion on age restiction, or to blast another site.

Just to bring this to everyones attention, as a problem that everyone needs to address and be aware of.


America Online, they are not going anywhere. Of course it is the people and not the site. The Criminal Justice system knows this.

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The media does place blame where it isn't due, but we are in no danger as an online community in my opinion. Where ever people gather, there will be those who are shady characters.

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It all boils down to parental supervision and what parents are teaching their. None of these Administrations are responsible for the rearing of children. Regardless if there was an age limit to So that wouldn't work. So yeah u don't need a brain cell to figure that out. There's a reason why you can have a free membership or a Prem.

And if we ended up paying for the membership And further more So it's not like one particular site should be targeted. I mean it's easy to go on to myspace, vampire freaks, etc. The key here is, watch what your kids are doing.

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And all you pervert freaks, leave the kids alone damnit - it just might be Dateline, and then your ugly mug will be plastered all over national television for us to laugh at. You are quite right Rowiel It s an issue that sadly but truly will continue on But in that dudes case, he knew that the girl was supposed to be 13yrs.

It's a good thing that they caught him before "someone" else did!!! Excellent post.

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The media is going to write about whatever sensation or combo of sensations will sell papers or attract viewers. The media is not out to protect your best interests. Remember that while you watch tv. There are sexual predators everywhere.

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National Violence Against Women Survey, I'm sorry, I wasn't aware that the topic of age restriction has been brought up before as I am somewhat new and have not viewed all of the posts. I suppose you are right in saying that it is impossible to enforce. I just hate that there are some people out there who are sick in the head and think they have to victimize children or people in general!

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The mention of the Goth scene or Goth sites in news stories on criminal cases is nothing new. Bad press is a hallmark of the underground and should be expected. There are, of course, some key points that should be remembered when this kind of press swings blame in the direction of an underground scene or internet site: First - any sick fuck who seeks to engage in child molestation or other violent criminal activity involving kids should be caught and I'd imagine that no-one here has any problem with that.

Second - an internet based society is like any society in that there is no guarantee against sexual predators and or the mentally unstable. The fact that these types of people have used and abused the goth scene or a vampire site should be no less surprising vampirefreaks chat room the knowledge that every city has these types of people.

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I was practically brought up by the internet as I had a single mom who worked overnights - I stayed up late with only the comforting glow of my monitor to keep me company with the dual then omg- multinode BBSs to make friends, etc It all boils down to how much trust and education and time a parent takes with their child to do their best to ensure their safety.

That's the mistake that people do. Instead of concentrating on the criminal they concentrate on the site and age limits. Prevention from this happening: If you are a parent and have your kids who use the internet,be sure what they're doing. Don't ruin their privacy tough,just get interested in what they're doing. But not like an inspector,like a friend,it helps more that way.

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While I dont really worry much about it, we all know it happens, its the kids that agree to go along with it because of the mind tricks of some of these pervs, not the site, only the people involved. It happens, it has happened often, it will continue happening. We just need to be careful who we're dealing with It's not the internet that is bad,but the way certain people use it. When I was a teen predators used to come in front of the school.

Nowadays cause we're in the 21st century and kids know how to use the net and are most peolly use it more than adults,the predator uses it as a way for his crimes. Again it's not the internet that is bad but the way certain people use it.

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And even on sites where it is written: don't enter here if you are less than Would they really care? Just watch out what your kids or sisters, brothers, whatever are doing. I called it "Another Warning for the site" since there was already a thread on this topic.

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It is a way for people to see what the thread was. Just to let you know. It's not the sites.