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It would have been a normal day except for what had happened the night. The Panthers had knocked the Flyers out of the Stanley Cup playoffs. It was almost a shutout, except for one goal on the Flyers' part.

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After joking the day before with friends about wearing a Panthers jersey I had to school the next day if Panthers won this being Pennsylvania near Philadelphia and thhat I used to live in Miami, I decided to actually do it--maybe I just felt like feeling the risk of being beat-up or punched by high school students not that I would mind having a jock come up to me and punch me mind youbut I did it. It was finally the end of the day, and not much had happened so far, except for a pissed junior who said "fuck you" to me walking down the hall and a joking I think punch along with some comments from friends about getting mugged for wearing it.


Luckily, the seniors were on career elective which means they miss the last few weeks of school to try a certain profession out or else I would really have gotten my ass kicked. I decided to walk down to the gym after school and change to work out in the weight room a little really to keep myself from getting into a fight with some die-hard Flyer fan after school.

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Just as I was walking into the locker room, I noticed a few players from the varsity ice hockey team watching me with what looked like evil grins on their faces. I pretended to ignore them, but half-hoped they would jokingly push me around just so I could feel some of their stud bodies against me. That didn't happen. Instead, they began to follow me into the locker room.

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I continued to walk towards my gym locker when one of the six players came up in front of me and asked me if I liked the Panthers or just wanted to get beaten up. I ignored him and tried to walk around him, when he said "grab him. I really didn't think they would do anything, though I did have a few fantasy-related ideas not that I had a bit of hope of any of them happeningbut it felt good having four hockey players holding me with large strong hands. They brought me to the door to the room and waited while the largest player fished around in his pocket to pull out a key to the room.

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They carried me in, and locked the door behind me and proceeded to hold me while the largest player started to give commands to the others. He told them to hold me and take off my jeans and jersey. I really started to get excited then, but tried to hold back the bulge growing in my pants. Then they grabbed shoulder p and strapped them on my shoulders while using their muscular hands to feel my chest in the process.

They proceeded to put the other standard hockey p on me, including hockey pants, a cup and jockstrap which, much to my pleasure, felt as if it had been used many times beforeand leg and arm p. One of the players then put hockey socks on over the leg p and another grabbed my jersey and put it back on over the shoulder and arm p.

It felt great to be wearing all the p and uniform, and I had a raging hard-on by this point, when two of the players began to put chains on my arms and legs which were then attached to the wall. They must have felt my hard-on because they made a big grin as they stepped back to examine their work.

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In my senior year I decided I would try out for football. I did so cause I had done just about everything else and there were some really hot guys I thought I could connect with. One hot classmate in particular had told me I should try out and I did so cause there seemed to be a promise of some hot times to come. Anyway, I went to the tryouts and the coach ended up accepting me. Joe is always a very horny guy, seems that he always has a hard cock and loves to tease Pat about his beautiful rock hard cock as much as possible.

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Even while they are in church, standing next to each other in the balcony singing, Joe whispers to Pat that his cock is rock hard and he wishes he could jack off. Joe is hot and horny as usual. Quickly he gets into position on the bed.

Kellie's brother Todd informed me that she had to work until 4 because her relief was sick. Todd was just about ready to go swimming and he asked me if I'd like to him. I didn't have a swimsuit and I told him so. He had a few extra swimsuits and we went to his bedroom.

All he had were Speedos and I was a little shy about wearing them. But he didn't. I told him I'd like a shower. During a break after our first dinner I was sitting in the quad with five other reservists, all first year and all but two of us had obviously taken on more than we bargained for, in between bitchin' about the mornings orientation manoeuvre we got to talking about why we ed up in the first place.

It was the money, pure and simple we wanted the money. I did pretty much whatever needed doing, reservations, bellhop all that shit. After about a month they decided that I should work a few days in the kitchen and learn how to do room service.

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It was a time of temptation and lust. But I loved every moment of it. I just looked at the boys, yes, imagine that.

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This was the late 90's and I was just coming to terms with my sexuality and I was just your average Joey. Yup, thats me, Joey with the short black curly hair kid and the dimples that all the girls love. And then there was Adam. Adam - the most beautiful boy at Clarmont High. In front of him was a spacious couch.

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Dax took a seat and waited for the Father to arrive for their scheduled appointment. He wondered to himself why he was nervous about what was about to happen. His male friends, whom he had grown up with and attended St. Yes, there were those mornings where he awoke to cum stained underwear, but that was different. He needed something different. I didn't believe him. Most men moan whenever having sex. In fact, according to my knowledge, every man and woman moans during sex, right? I could be wrong, but I knew he, of all people, was a moaner in bed.

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I knew it, because I'd always hear him moaning when he was in the bathroom masturbating. Even with the shower on, I could still hear him moan. So my roommate was a liar.

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My first week becomes a blur of wailing sirens, speeding squad cars and cold revolvers coupled with the realization that my youthful good looks and trim, uniform-clad body had drawn the attention of the others officers. But, I fail to realize exactly what it is my ruggedly handsome partner has in mind when he clasps my strong thigh in a comradely way. In the looks department, I'd have to say he was slightly above average because he had that look that made you think he must've been pretty hot looking during his prime. Strong, handsome, kind and brilliant, he was as perfect a specimen as you could hope to find.

Even self-avowed feminists, with no use for men of any kind, swooned in Andy's presence. He was just worth it. I had known him since high school, when he was the unlikely mix of scholar and athlete. They left me like this for several minutes while they got into their own p and uniforms, while I fantasized what would happen next.

I didn't have to fantasize too long, because the largest player walked up to me and started to press his body against mine, grinding his padded crotch against mine.

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He put his arms and legs around me and proceeded to dive into a passionate kiss and put his tongue to good use. He then released himself from me and partially untied the hockey pants to gain access to the cup and jockstrap. He pulled the jockstrap and cup back and began to suck my cock, which he seemed really experienced at doing. The other players kept watching while rubbing their cocks through their p and making huge grins.

I forgot about the others as I started to feel myself reaching my climax.

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The player must have realized this because he began to suck harder before pulling back to make me shoot my load on his jersey and p. The other players came up as he backed away and released the chains holding me to the wall while crotch grinding against me and feeling my arms, chest, and legs. They grabbed me once again and brought me over to the middle of the room and had me stand on my hands and knees in a doggie position. I could only imagine what would happen next as my cock began to harden once again.

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The large player came up behind me and pulled my hockey pants and jockstrap down my legs just enough to expose my ass. I felt him begin to move his cock against my ass and start to push it in something I had been waiting for since they grabbed me. He settled down on my back and lock his arms and legs around mine as he pushed the rest of his eight inches into my ass.